Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here, you will find essential information about the site and the game. Feel free to browse, and ask any questions you find no answer for in the forums.


The Ages of Ilathid is an upcoming Myst fan-game which will feature nine new Ages, once inhabited by a mysterious people. We invite you on a journey reminiscent of the classic Myst trilogy, filled with great secrets and challenging puzzles, in an interactive world just waiting for the first explorers to arrive.

Myst is a series of graphic adventure video games, developed by Cyan (now Cyan Worlds), and released between 1993 and 2005. The gameplay consists of interrelated puzzles, with clues revealing the background and history of the game world and the characters inhabiting it. Myst games take place in several self-contained mini-worlds ("Ages"), linked together through special books that allow the player to travel between them. Exploration and logical thinking are prime requirements to complete the game: Myst expects players to think and connect the dots by themselves, based on strategically placed pieces of information.

The Ages of Ilathid is a fan-game set in the Myst universe. It does not change anything established in the official Myst games; rather, it expands upon the official canon, and tells its own story within the framework provided by Cyan. You will not meet any of the original Myst characters, as Ilathid comes with its own cast. Similarly, you will not visit any original Myst locations. The common laws of the universe do apply however: there are Ages and Linking Books, and the D'ni people and their culture also play a role.

There is no release date yet. Stay tuned, and check the site often for news. You may also apply to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the game.

No, this game will be available as a free download. You will not have to pay for anything.

In addition to English, The Ages of Ilathid is currently planned to be released in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Croatian and Hungarian. If you would like the game to be available in your language and feel like you are up to the task, feel free to post in the Recruitment forum and become a translator.

No. We are a team of volunteers who work on this game in our free time, with no aid from Cyan. However, we do have a legal agreement with them about developing the game; it is available on our site.

Certainly! However, we need to check your resumé and perhaps test you before you can join. Please post your resumé, along with the position you want to take, in the Recruitment forum.


Becoming a tester is quick, simple and (of course) completely free.


  1. First, you need to sign up for an account on this forum.
  2. Once you've that, log in and apply for testing on the Become A Tester page, found in the main menu.
  3. Once you have been accepted for testing, a message will be shown you on the site. After that, you will be able to download the demo and access our private testers' forums.  You can also access the forms used to describe your experiences with the game. 

Testers are expected to play the game, and provide honest feedback about it (this includes bug reports, but also their opinion about the gameplay, story, sound and visual design, and everything else). They do this by filling out forms, but they may also discuss issues they consider important with developers and other testers in the tester's forums. That is all--play and tell us about your experience.

At this point, you cannot. This is because the game is still in early development, and there are a lot of things we need to iron out before we release a public demo. You can, however, join us as a tester: there are no prerequisites, it does not take much of your free time, and you get an opportunity to help us improve the game.

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Go to your account (located in your user's menu on the left side of the screen). On its Edit page, you can clear the checkboxes associated with comment and task notification. If you still receive notifications after that, please post in the Site Support forum.