Still going?

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Still going?

This project isn't dead is it? It doesn't seem to have much activity, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I don't update the blog very

I don't update the blog very often, alas.  That said, we still haven't gotten much done these past two months.  (For me, this was mostly due to my job eating up all time and energy; other people were busy with other things.)  But, I'm thinking things will pick up in June.  I'll try and do a blog update then.  ;p  But no, we're not dead.

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That is good news... :)

That is good news... :)

Life is to short to live the same day twice.



Don't want to be puchy but

Don't want to be puchy but the blog update is not very frequent.
I, or all of us, is waiting for something that indicate that the project is going on.

Hi, the project is not dead,

Hi, the project is not dead, but the members of its very small dedicated team have also a real life which can be very time consuming.

Not cool

Working on a project you promised people you would finish is part of real life. The excuse that the team is busy with other pursuits does not fly after 12 years.


This Ilathid project was first announced in 2004, and it's now 2016. 12 years of work, and all the only playable content is a two minute demo featuring a corridor and a room?


If the project is dead, you have a duty to your fans to announce it as dead instead of stringing them along for another decade. So many people were excited to see Ilathid released. Over the years, you got the hopes and dreams of so many people raised, and yet, there still is nothing to show for it. People have waited and hoped for all this time. You need to either get something done or be honest and admit that it's never going to happen.


My advice is to scale your project ambition down from "Nine Ages" to "One Playable Age". I don't know.

Hi Mannawyadden, there

Hi Mannawyadden, thanks for posting.  Believe it or not, there actually is more playable content than that.  (Some of it produced in the last three years, as a matter of fact.)  But that said, we are currently in stasis.  I can't work on the project right now because of Life, and there's just no getting around that fact.  That doesn't mean I've given up, or that I will never work on it again--it does mean the project will be stalled until Life changes.  *shrug*  I'll let you know if I ever give up on Ilathid, but right now that isn't part of the plan.