Knowledge Base, part one : 3D softwares

astonished World !

Due to the old boards closing, Paulo asked me to copy here the knowledge base we gathered there. So, and you'll be really amazed, here is a totally non exhaustive and completely not-up-to-date list of software one could use to create a gorgeous game :

complete studios

3D-Coat comm. win mac
Art of Illusion free win mac linux
the autodesk 3D family comm.
Blender free win mac linux
Carrara comm. win mac
Cinema 4D comm. win mac
Hexagon comm. win mac
Maya comm. win mac
Modo comm. win mac
Silo comm. win mac
Wings 3D free win mac
ZBrush comm. win mac

Lanscape generators

ArtMatic Voyager comm. mac
Bryce comm. win mac (you can find old free versions in CG Magazines)
MojoWorld comm. win
Terragen comm. win mac (V 0.9 is still free)
TerraRay comm. mac
Vue comm. win mac
World Machine comm. win

Character studios

Daz Studiofree win mac
MakeHuman free win mac
Poser comm. win mac
Quidam comm. win mac

exotic modelers

GroBoto comm. win mac

render engines

yafray free win mac linux