Game Overview


The Ages of Ilathid is a Myst fan-game that will feature nine new Ages, a new set of characters, and a brand new mystery for players to unravel.



Before Myst III: Exile, Atrus started searching for D'ni survivors and Linking Books in the Old D'ni City and Ages. As he found them, more helped with the enormous task. You are one of these survivors. Lost from your team, you enter an old crack in a stone wall to find yourself in a ruined tunnel. However, the tunnel entrance collapses behind you as you enter, leaving you stranded and alone, with no other hope but to find an alternate way out.



This is a point-and-click adventure game. There is no combat: you progress by exploring the game world and solving puzzles, searching for clues that might explain what has transpired in this mysterious, desolate place. You are only required to use your mouse and your mind.


System Requirements

At this point, The Ages of Ilathid is planned to be available on Windows and Mac. No system requirements have been determined yet, but our goal is to make the game as widely accessible as possible.