We are a team of dedicated volunteers, who develop The Ages of Ilathid in our free time. If you would like to join us in this endeavor, there are a number of open positions on the team. Chances are that we will find you something to do, no matter your particular field, but we would be particularly happy to receive:


  • Actors (Live)
  • Sound Engineers
  • 3D Modellers / Animators
  • Programmers (Mac / Linux / Win, should have some familiarity with Python)
  • 2D Graphics Artists (Illustrators and texturers preferred)
  • Designers (Interiors and Puzzles)


Please note that we are looking for volunteers, not employees. The Ages of Ilathid is a free game, and none of us gets paid for our work on it. The project offers less tangible rewards: fun, friendship, and a chance to gain knowledge and experience.


The easiest way to join us is to register on this site if you haven't already, and post in the Recruitment forum.


Feel free to ask about the team and the game in our forums. If you prefer to ask your questions privately, our email address is the following: