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As a hardcore Myst fan, I can't help but spread the word Worldwide : Cyan started yesterday a KickStarter campaing to fund their newest project: Obduction. For French Speakers, here is a full translation of the Obduction KS Page. Go rush pledge to help them creating a new gaming reference! 

the five Cores (aka) Hypnosis)

New Myst-like games are sufficiently rare to not mention this one. Developped by one Frenchie guy (hurray !), this RT3D game will ask you to help someone (sounds familiar, no ? ) My friend, I don’t know how you got here. But I think you can help us. We experienced a tragedy and we had to take refuge in another world. The world in which you are standing is on the verge of collapse because of the child in the temple. Her dreams become real and cause death and destruction. The magical stones have to be reactivated to wake up the child.   Please help us.   Get more info at the official website :

DAZ Suite for free

Great News: for a limited (but unknown) Time, DAZ offers it's Graphix Suite for free : For the Atronomical Price of $ 0.00, you'll get Daz Studio 4 Pro, Bryce 7 Pro, Hexagon 2.5 and lotsa other goodies (DAZ Bridge, DAZ Goz, Bryce additionnal content, an so on...). Run and get your copy right now !

Happy Hollydays!

Ok, I'm aware (and me guess you too are...) that I pop here only for various greetings... Although, I wish you the very best for these Winter Holidays for ya, your family and friends. So, merry Christmas and happy New Year !

Knowledge Base, part one : 3D softwares

Hi, astonished World ! Due to the old boards closing, Paulo asked me to copy here the knowledge base we gathered there. So, and you'll be really amazed, here is a totally non exhaustive and completely not-up-to-date list of software one could use to create a gorgeous game : complete studios 3D-Coat comm. win mac Art of Illusion free win mac linux the autodesk 3D family comm. Blender free win mac linux Carrara comm. win mac Cinema 4D comm. win mac Hexagon comm. win mac Maya comm. win mac Modo comm. win mac Silo comm. win mac Wings 3D free win mac ZBrush comm. win mac Lanscape generators ArtMatic Voyager comm. mac Bryce comm. win mac (you can find old free versions in CG Magazines) MojoWorld comm. win Terragen comm. win mac (V 0.9 is still free) TerraRay comm. mac Vue comm. win mac World Machine comm. win Character studios Daz Studiofree win mac MakeHuman free win mac Poser comm. win mac Quidam comm. win mac exotic modelers GroBoto comm. win mac render engines yafray free win mac linux