Update 3/18/13

It's been a quiet one lately. 

I've mostly been doing concept art. 

  • A new architectural style for Menalhi
  • A grave marker
  • A moon puzzle

Updated 2/10/13

  • Whipped dictionary words into shape.
  • More storyline work.  Discussed when characters should appear and when the player should be allowed to unlock Ages. 
  • Tinkered with beta testing system.

Update 1/25/13

  • Discussed what resolution the game should have
  • Modeled implements used in Caliben
  • Decided on the plot for the endgame (at last)
  • Had a breakthrough with some of the language problems we've been tangling with

Brief Update 1/16/2013

  • We've been discussing the pros and cons of mazes, which are very content-intensive because one must create 10 paths in order to confuse the player, while only three may actually be used.  Mazes aren't a very efficient use of developer resources; that said, we had at least two slated for the game.  However, as a result of the discussion we decided to test how much work they would take to create, and reduce/remove them if necessary. 
  • The moon puzzle in Veegtara is taking shape.  This puzzle has bumped into some problems because we want to avoid forcing the player to do math beyond simple addition and counting.  Other issues we've been struggling with include alien numbers and dating systems.  A piece of advice: if you can avoid creating a game language, give strong consideration to doing without one.  It's not always possible, but they can certainly be a hassle sometimes. 
  • The Menalhi puzzle was stalled due to Al's computer being down with a virus.  :(
  • The Caliben walkthrough has been improved with images and a map of the Age was added for clarity. 
  • More file organization.  Also, the games' two main characters now have their own Dropbox folders--which is an improvement on how pictures were randomly dumped in the "Global Assets" folder, amongs other locations. 

Brief Update 12/30/12

This'll probably be the last update of 2012.  :)


  • Video player now working with demo!
  • New puzzle in Menalhi (jungle Age) begun