September 2012

the five Cores (aka) Hypnosis)

New Myst-like games are sufficiently rare to not mention this one. Developped by one Frenchie guy (hurray !), this RT3D game will ask you to help someone (sounds familiar, no ? ) My friend, I don’t know how you got here. But I think you can help us. We experienced a tragedy and we had to take refuge in another world. The world in which you are standing is on the verge of collapse because of the child in the temple. Her dreams become real and cause death and destruction. The magical stones have to be reactivated to wake up the child.   Please help us.   Get more info at the official website :

Revamp of Game Going On

We have been pouring over the storyline and design of the Ages and building it into a better walkthrough.  The Shell Age has received new accessories and areas.  Improvements to the engine code, testing area, and website continue.  For the new website--I heartily recommend Drupal to anyone designing a videogame in a virtual team environment.  It's 10,000 times better than the other alternatives we tried, Redmine and Open Atrium.  Finally, if you're interested in helping up design puzzles, we'd welcome the assistance.