June 2011

Games for Myst fans.

  Sorry for the long hiatus, I've been unable to post due to series of unfortunate coincidences and accidents that simply left me too drained to do much of anything. Now, however, I want to talk about something I wanted to talk about for a while: good adventure games. You see, the whole Ilathid idea is to homage Cyan Worlds' Myst series, by providing a good adventure game with good graphics, good music, exotic places, but, most importantly, a good storyline and good world design, where all the pieces fit in as a whole. The adventure genre these days has mostly degenerated to "escape" games which sort of demean the purpose... But there still some bastions of good adventure left. First, let's talk about The Infinite Ocean, a game by Jonas Kyratzes. If follows all the precepts of Myst: you don't know why you're in the place you're in, or even what exactly it is. As you follow the puzzles (very simple ones, mostly, so as not to get in the way), you begin to piece it together - and it is, frankly, quite amazing. I believe it might have been simply one of the top three best game I've played. Check it out here, and tell us what you think: http://www.kongregate.com/games/JonasKyratzes/the-infinite-ocean   -Paulo