February 2011

New Models, Timeline

  Finally got the timeline into Timeglider.  I can't sing enough praises for this program; I appreciate it more each time I use it.   Looking at our storyline/backstory from a visual perspective has made me aware of a few temporal problems, namely the surprising antiquity of certain events and the too-spread-out-ness of others.  Fortunately we haven't added any real dates to the journals yet.   James gave the Age terrain he's in charge of modeling a complete overhaul: Sky, textures, object placement.  He also added a very nice walkway.    It's really looking good! I did an hour of work on a musical instrument, the _________-zela.  [Spoilers redacted]  Just the basic geometry for now, I haven't even added the keys yet.  It'll be part of a really fun puzzle when it's finished.  And no, it won't be as bad as the organ puzzle from Myst.  It'll be so much worse!!!  ...Just kidding.    I also did a bit of work on the terrain I've been mentioning in the last few entries.  Added a beach (a twenty-polygon beach--the terrain is just a mockup) and roughed in a power-producing device.