December 2010

Merry Christmas!

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!  And so passes another busy year.  :)  For several months now we've been focusing on the Ages of Caliben and Veegtara.  Right now I'm pleased to say that puzzle design is 80% complete and concept art is about 50% finished.  Modeling is perhaps at 5%?   Did a little revision to one of the journals today to reflect a change in the storyline.  Santiago and Dana, who are doing the Spanish and Croatian versions of the game, respectively, were really quick on the draw--took them less than a day!   Various things created for the game recently: 1. A really nice texture of a plastic logo, meant to be applied to glass 2. Layouts of several new buildings 3. Drawings of special windows and "stuff" to furnish a room 4. A model of a unique tree

New Years Update

  Did a New Years clean up of the forum today.  I turned all the unfinished tasks I found into "Issues" so they don't get forgotten about.  This happened often before we switched to Redmine.  As it is, a task may not get worked on for months, but it's still there on the to-do list, waiting to be finished.  I also did some work on a model of a sea critter (Hooray for Blender's sculpt tool and multires!) and drew some statues that I still need to post on the board.