October 2010


Worked on the model of a bug that will appear in-game. Also updated some of the training docs. I drew some equipment that will go in a room in one of the Ages. Lots of small stuff going on.

Redmine Upgrade Causes Problems

Last month we upgraded Redmine to the new version. While there were no bugs, there were some changes to the interface that have made us lessefficient. :/ 1. The Documents window now features expanded descriptions. It is now 20 pages long and must be browsed by Firefox's search feature because otherwise it takes forever to find the doc you're looking for. 2. Forum threads got divided up into pages, making it slower and moredifficult to review pictures/follow links that were stored on previous pages of the thread. (Which page was that post on again...2, 3, 4?) It also makes it more difficult to summarize/delete the content of old threads when they're finished (a process which involves much jumping back and forth between old posts and new ones). There doesn't seem to be any way to change how many posts display on each page. I'm hoping there's a way to fix these problems, but we'll see.


  Did some work on the Bad Ending today...a task which appeals to the deeply sadistic side of most puzzle game developers.   ;)  ("Hahaha!  Imagine the poor saps trying to figure this one out!")  C'mon, you know we're like that.  Might begin writing the scripts soon, we'll have to see what other stuff needs to be done.  I queried on the Redmine forum, but nobody seems to know how to fix the problems this latest version has created.  -__-